Is home advantage an important factor in sports betting?

Have you ever wondered if the “home advantage” in sports betting is superstition or if there is any truth to it?

We can all agree on one thing: All the information you can get about sports betting is included, because it is a complicated phenomenon.

So today’s question: does the home team really win more often than the away team? The simple answer is yes, and there are a number of factors that explain why.

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What causes the home team advantage?

Gaining a clear understanding of the factors that affect home edge, and how they differ between sports, is key to properly taking them into account when making sports bets for online casino Singapore.

The effect of the crowd

A loyal following who gets behind the home team can actually give a boost. This is simple human nature: we do our best when other people are watching. The following was even shown in one study: a full stadium provides a greater advantage for the home team.

So, when betting on sports, keep the home team’s support in mind. Are they able to all stand behind the team if things go wrong? Or will they leave in this case?

Now with the empty stadiums (due to corona) this point no longer counts. So keep that in mind!

Travel fatigue

Of course, a team feels most comfortable at home. This comfort increases their advantage over their opponents who may also have to bet on the field or the weather conditions (the latter is of course less important in the Netherlands, but certainly in America).

The comforts of playing at home is a significant advantage, but there is an even bigger factor here related to which team is better equipped.

Home teams don’t need to travel, and traveling is a physically exhausting experience that affects even the toughest professional athletes. For example, it has been found that the rigorous NBA travel schedule affects players’ ability to perform at the top level.

When is the home advantage most important?

To properly account for the home team advantage in your own sports betting, you need to know how heavily its impact is weighed depending on the sporting event you plan to bet on.

The home team advantage varies by sport

All sports are affected by the home team advantage, but the meaning varies widely between leagues. In soccer, the house edge is a serious factor, so keep that in mind when betting on soccer .

Calculate the home team advantage factor

The quickest way to find out which teams are best to bet on when they play at home is to use SBD Sharp – a tool that calculates the profitability of each team in specific scenarios. It shows you the best teams you can bet on, whether as favorites or underdogs overall.

Do you prefer to calculate yourself and calculate the exact advantage factors of the home team? It is relatively easy to do a quick calculation to estimate the home advantage of a specific team.

To determine the relative size of the home edge for a specific team, compare their home win percentage to their win percentage away. (The calculations should include a relatively large sample size, but outweigh recent results)