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Ace Sequencing

Ace Sequencing is another technique that players use to gain an edge in Blackjack. This technique allows the player to keep track of the order of the cards or specific cards. This method is commonly used in Blackjack, but can also be applied to other types of card games. Games where a dealer shakes himself is easier to keep up with than the complicated shuffle machines that casinos use.

Shuffle tracking is usually done on Blackjack games with six to eight decks as they often shuffle themselves in these cases instead of wielding a shuffle machine. Ace Sequencing aims to know if the Aces are dealt or not. When an “advantage bettor” knows whether an Ace is dealt first, the player gives a 50.43% lead. This is because the player has a 30% chance of hitting a natural blackjack (pays 3 to 2 out) and a good chance of hitting a good hand if the hand does not result in a natural blackjack.

In order to practice Ace Sequencing, the player must first know what order the deck is in when cards are returned to the deck, and it remains intact. The player must then carefully observe whether the Aces are still in place after discarding the cards. The player must also remember which 2 or 3 cards are placed on top of the Ace in the deck.

The cards are also called ‘key cards’. After the cards have been shuffled, the advantage bettor must look for these cards. The likelihood of an Ace coming is then higher, and raising the bet at that point puts the player in a good position.

A player can be good at card counting and Ace-Sequencing at the same time. However, to be good at tracing the Ace in the deck, you need some extra qualities. The player must be able to concentrate well. Determining the order of the Aces is much more difficult than counting cards because it requires more time and concentration. When you use Ace Sequencing in conjunction with card counting, it can serve as a very effective Blackjack strategy.